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Why Aren’t My Prayers Answered?

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Many people wonder about this question: Why Aren’t My Prayers Answered? They pray passionately for what seems like a reasonable request, which should be easy for an all-powerful God to grant. Yet their prayer goes unanswered. Why?

In this episode, we’ll learn a biblical answer to that question. We’ll also consider how to get your prayers answered more often.

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BTW, most of the recent written blogs on my website

( have audio versions, which you can hear by hitting the play arrow at the top of those blogs.

But this podcast (“Christianity Questions and Answers”) is different—it is audio only (at least until I find a way to have the words transcribed).

I will be answering other questions in later podcasts, such as:

  • Where did God come from?

  • Are Christians accountable for what they do?

  • How can I get closer to God?Does suicide send you to hell?

Sound helpful? Then please stay tuned!

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