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How Every Bluetooth Device Testifies About Jesus

A modern-day marker to be Christ’s ambassadors

It used to be that when you saw someone walking down the street talking to themselves and not looking where they were going, you probably crossed to the other side of the street. But now we all use those small devices in our ears to talk through or listen to our electronic gadgets wirelessly.

Bluetooth devices are named after Harald “Blåtand” Gormson; a Viking king who lived circa 911 – 986 A.D. The English translation of Harald’s middle name is Bluetooth, and some scholars maintain it is a nickname pinned on Harald because of a bad tooth that appeared to be blue.

That funky symbol we all see on our phones when connected to our Bluetooth devices is actually a clever combination of two of the ancient Danish runes used to spell his name.

Ericsson, the Scandinavian corporation responsible for the invention of Bluetooth technology, chose to call their new device a Bluetooth because Harald had a reputation for his communication and peacemaking skills.

Also, as you can see below in a photo taken in the museum on the King Bluetooth site of Jelling, in Denmark, the inventor Jim Kardach, thought the image on the Jelling Stone was King Bluetooth, when in fact it is an image of Christ.

King Harald Bluetooth is an ambassador for Christ still 1,000 years later. This is the description from the museum in Jelling, Denmark, right across from the Jelling Stone. If you cannot read it, here’s what it says: JELLING AND BLUETOOTH “Jim Kardach…thought that the Christ figure on the Jelling Stone depicted Harald Bluetooth, and therefore on a drawing gave Christ a mobile phone in one hand and a laptop in the other. Subsequently it was discovered that the figure was Christ and not Harald Bluetooth.”

Harald was baptized around 960 and the Danish Christian conversion began in earnest. He declared Denmark a Christian nation!

The Jelling Stone is the declaration that Denmark was to be a Christian nation!

The Jelling Stone in Jelling, Denmark, upon which it is recorded that King Bluetooth declared Denmark a Christian nation. The National Museum of Denmark’s website says, “The large rune stone at Jelling is often called ‘Denmark’s birth certificate,’ because Denmark is named in the inscription and also because the stone is a clear material proof of the change in religion.”

It was thrilling to visit Jelling, Denmark in 2017 and see the Jelling Stone, pictured here. That’s our son Danny and me by it.

So, Bluetooth technology is named for a man who brought Christianity to a pagan part of the world and is famous for peaceful negotiations. Every time we use our Bluetooth, it should remind us to be equally good ambassadors for Jesus like Harald.

Just like Harald Bluetooth, Christians are ambassadors for Christ. An ambassador is someone who officially represents someone or something in a good way.

2 Corinthians 5:20a states, “We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us.”

Paul is speaking about being an ambassador for Christ to the fact that God reconciled the world to himself through the blood of Christ.

In Ephesians 6:20, Paul again refers to himself as an ambassador, this time in chains. Like Paul, we should take our role as ambassadors for Christ very seriously in every situation. Philippians 1:12-14 (CEB) says this:

Brothers and sisters, I want you to know that the things that have happened to me have actually advanced the gospel. 13 The whole Praetorian Guard and everyone else knows that I'm in prison for Christ. 14Most of the brothers and sisters have had more confidence through the Lord to speak the word boldly and bravely because of my jail time.

Our Bluetooth can remind us that we, too, are Christ’s ambassadors. Our Bluetooth can remind us to witness and share the Gospel, as Harald did.

This is Carolyn and Danny in the chapel which is right beside the Jelling Stone where Denmark was declared a Christian nation by King Harald Bluetooth.

As disciples, of Christ, we should be intentional about remembering, that we represent Him, with our families, workplaces, neighborhoods, churches, communities, countries, and the world.

Just as each one of us is quick to judge an entire restaurant or company on the basis of one negative interaction with an employee, so others are quick to judge the faith we claim and the Lord we serve on the basis of our words and deeds.

Every time we use our Bluetooth, it should remind us of Harald and his ability to spread the gospel and bring peace. May it remind us to be good communicators of the reason for our hope, with “gentleness and respect” (1 Peter 3:15). May it remind us that Jesus died to bring reconciliation between God and mankind and that we are commanded to make that known (2 Corinthians 5:17-18) using our God given time, talents, and treasures.

Anybody recognize these Vikings? (That’s Carolyn and me in the Jelling Museum.)

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