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What Separates Christianity And Hinduism?

"Christianity Questions and Answers" podcast CQA 066

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Christianity and Hinduism are both religions, but that’s about where the similarities end. There are vast differences that the average person doesn’t either know about or understand. Many think they’re similar, but they are not. Some Christians would say that Christianity is not even a religion, but a relationship.

Dr. Jayakumar Ramachandran

My guest on today’s podcast knows intimately the differences between Christianity and Hinduism. He grew up Hindu in India, but later he found The Way.

In other “Christianity Questions and Answers” podcasts and blogs my guests and I have explored questions like Six Reasons all Roads DON’T Lead to Heaven, Isn’t Christianity arrogant to claim to be the only way to heaven? and Does salvation come only through faith in Christ? (Exclusivism).

But today we’ll look specifically at Christianity and Hinduism.

You might ask “Who is Jayakumar (Jay)?”

Dr. Jay was born and raised in Chennai (Madras) India to a staunch Hindu father and a traditional Christian mother.

Jay was more influenced by my father’s beliefs, values, and practices of Hinduism because his father was more religious than his mother. This deprived Jay of any Christian atmosphere and nurturing during his childhood and teenage years. Consequently, Jay formed a pluralistic religious belief.

However, in 1976, through God-orchestrated events, Jay came to know the true and living God by reading the books of John and Romans. In 1989, Jay founded Bible Believing Churches & Missions (BBCM) and continued to plant churches in Bangalore, India and challenge other church leaders to do the same.

Jay has diligently pursued advanced education. His degrees include:

  • Doctorate degree in Ministry D. Min. (Miss) from Columbia Intel University, USA

  • Masters degree in Sacred Theology (STM) from Dallas Theological Seminary, USA

  • Masters degree (M.Th) in Bible Exposition from Asian Christian Academy

  • Masters degree (M.A) from the University of Madras

Please listen and learn from Jay.

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