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What Do Christians Believe About Creation And Evolution?

"Christianity Questions and Answers" podcast CQA 063

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Creation and evolution are huge topics for Christians. Why? Because strict evolutionists deny the existence of a Creator. They seek an explanation for the universe that doesn’t include the Supernatural God of the Universe.

Podcast recorded live at New Song Community Church in Oceanside, California

What do Christians believe about creation and evolution? Christians seek to understand adaption (evolution) from a Christian and Biblical perspective. They wonder, “Is there any truth to evolution?”

This podcast will help to answer some of your questions about creation and evolution from a biblical, Christian perspective. Specifically, we address:

  • Were dinosaurs in existence before or after the creation of Adam and Eve?

  • What about Neanderthals. Did they exist and have souls like human beings?

  • What is the age of the earth vs. the Biblical time frame?

  • Do science and Christianity conflict?

These are some of the questions about creation and evolution that we address in this podcast.

Who is “we?”

This podcast was recorded live at New Song Community Church in Oceanside, CA. Pastor Hal Seedand I were answering questions posed to us live that day. New Song is Carolyn’s and my home church where I have served on the Leadership Board for many years.

Dr. Hal Seed, Senior Pastor of New Song Community Church

So please listen to this intriguing podcast on creation and evolution.

For additional help with dinosaurs, the age of the earth, creation and evolution, please see these resources on my website:

Also, there are other wonderful resources on the web if you want to dig deeper:

PLEASE NOTE: Because I have included a website above doesn’t mean I agree with or endorse all of their opinions.

For an excellent overview of the issues related to creation and evolution, plus recommended resources, see 18 Recommended Resources for Learning About Creation and Evolution Views by Natasha Crain.

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