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Special Announcement: Change Of Posting Schedule

Starting next Monday January 4, 2016

I’m taking a break from my normal blogging schedule today to let you know about a change on my website.

CC Image courtesy of Flickr

First, normally I’ve been posting on my website according to this general schedule:

  • Tuesdays: extended blog article

  • Thursdays: podcast posting

  • Sundays: vlog (personal video) or quotecard

Here’s the new schedule, starting next Monday 1/4/16:

  • Mondays: extended blog article

  • Thursdays: podcast posting (as before)

  • Saturdays: vlog or quotecard

I just wanted you to be aware of these changes.

Finally, if you haven’t yet taken my 2015 Reader Survey, please do so soon by clicking here:

Happy New Year!

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