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Introducing An Exciting New Website Design & Focus: Making Discipleship Doable!

For those who have been reading or listening to these materials for a while, you can already see big changes in my new website design (thanks to Joe Tran Media Group). In addition to design updates, the focus of this website is shifting toward discipleship and “Making Discipleship Doable.” This is intended to better match my ministry as Founder and President of Discipleship Journeys with Jesus.

To a large extent, I have always focused on discipleship in this blog. Now I’m just calling

it what it has been—discipleship through the subject categories:

  • Spiritual Life

  • Family

  • Apologetics

  • Leadership

  • Church Planting

The biggest change is the look and the new design of my website. I really hope you like

it. All of my original content is still here and although it might take a few minutes to

adjust to the changes; I believe this redesign will be worth it in the long term.

On the home page you will notice the first big change is the new backdrop which is

from one of the videos we recorded in the Holy Land and used in the Discipleship

Journeys with Jesus (DJJ) lessons. One of the benefits of using the free DJJ lessons is the

inclusion of the videos filmed on location in the lands of the Bible (Israel, Turkey,

Greece and Italy).

At the top of the home page you’ll see the word “Menu.” You can click on this and a red

bar will display at the bottom of the screen with the options: Welcome, Give, About,

Services, Podcasts, FAQ’s and Contact. Then just scroll down and you will see the

subject categories and my articles.

Another big and exciting change is the tagline: “Making Discipleship Doable” located in

the center of the website home page. This catchphrase represents my intent to simplify

discipleship, removing complexity and remaining true to Biblical principles and

teachings. Directly beneath that you will find a link to click on to explore the DJJ

ministry further.

If you would like to search for content on specific topics on my website, at the top

right hand corner is a “search site” dialog box where you can type in a topic and hit enter,

then you will see articles on the subject you’re interested in.

After you’ve taken a look, I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. You can

respond by commenting below or you may send us a message here.

Why prioritize discipleship? Because that is the focus of Jesus’ Great Commission—His

parting statement was to “go and make disciples.” What is a disciple? A disciple is a

devoted follower of Jesus. Much more than just making a “decision” to receive Jesus,

being a disciple means to be like Jesus by knowing Him personally and following His


The Christian life begins with a decision, but it is intended to go on to genuine

discipleship. Jesus said to make disciples, “teaching them to observe everything I have

commanded you.” (Matthew 28:20)

That’s what I’m seeking to do with this new website design. While others are invited to

observe, the true focus is on those who want to be true disciples of Jesus.

IMPORTANT: If you have not yet become a follower of Christ and received eternal

salvation, please click HERE to learn how to know Him personally.

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