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Reader’s Survey 2014 Results

Somehow the topic of surveys came up at our DCPI office recently. One of the staff members said something like, “I don’t mind doing surveys but I hate it when I never get any feedback so I don’t know if anybody read the survey and I wasted my time or if they really listened.”

CC Image courtesy of Scott McLeod on Flickr

That comment convinced me that I needed to not only digest the results of my recent surveys, but also share them on my website and with you my subscribers. So here they are, below.

Thank you so much to all who answered the questions in my Reader’s Survey 2014. I have heard you and the answers were VERY helpful.

I also sent a secondary, more detailed survey to several others and it was likewise very helpful.

Because results of both surveys are anonymous, I can’t thank you in a more personal way. So please know how much your feedback is appreciated.

With the help of these 2 surveys, I am in the process of a “rebranding” of my website. This rebranding will include:

  • A clearer focus in my articles to better meet people’s needs

  • A new brand slogan (at the top of my website)

  • A new resource that I plan to give to all my current subscribers and will offer as a gift to all those who join in the future

  • New photos—some are on the site already

So thanks again for your help.

55 people took the initial Reader’s Survey 2014 and here are some of the responses:

Q1 How old are you?

Those who responded to the survey fell into the following categories:

30% were 65 years or older26% were 50-5915% were 40-4911% were 60-647% were 30-3911% were 29 or younger

Conclusion: I appear to have an older audience—the median age in the USA is 37.

Q2. I asked which of my blog categories people enjoy reading most.

(People could respond to more than 1 category, thus the percentage is more than 100):

  • 78% said “Spiritual Life”

  • 56% said “Family”

  • 44% said “Leadership”

  • 31% said “Church Planting”

  • 31% said “Apologetics”

There were a lot of comments on this question. Here are some common themes:

  • Dealing with conflict and achieving unity in the church.

  • Closer walk with Jesus

  • Sharing your faith effectively yet kindly

Q3 I asked, “What is the biggest challenge you face in the blog categories above?”

38 people commented and here are some representative responses:

  • “Keeping my spiritual life vibrant.”

  • “The ongoing battle against sin.”

  • “Mental illness in my daily family life.”

  • “We have tremendous drama in the church right now, mostly people not seeing done what they want done and to their way of doing.”

  • “Time to read them.”

  • “I am seeking a closer walk with Jesus and asking for an anointing from his Holy Spirit to witness to people with great boldness and fearlessness. I think the Lord is leading me to become a mentor and I want to be a devoted wife and a good role model to my grown children.”

  • “Probably leadership. This is an area where I tend to feel less confident.”

  • “Integrity before God and relevance in our confused world.”

  • “Relational issues within the family. It’s difficult to see loved ones not putting God first.”

  • “Spiritual and numerical growth in the church and church planting efforts.”

 Q4 I asked what people would most like to get from the articles.

(People could respond to more than 1 category, thus percentage is more than 100):

  • 80% inspiration and motivation

  • 63% spiritual growth help

  • 47% answers to faith questions

  • 37% leadership guidance

  • 35% help with family living

  • 35% great stories

  • 22% reasons to believe in Christianity

  • 14% instruction in church planting

Q5 I asked how people first discovered my blog:

  • 68% Mark is a personal friend

  • 32% Facebook Post

  • 11% friend recommended

  • 9% link from another website

  • 0% other kind of social media post

  • 0% web search

Q6 I asked “What do you like most about my blog?”

34 of 55 people answered this question. The responses were quite encouraging. I need to go back to these when I wonder if it is worth all the effort! Here are some of my favorite answers:

  • “Practical teaching that is clear and to the point.”

  • “Brief yet full of practical content.”

  • “I like how you take everyday issues that everyone is struggling with and you use Scripture to help and give advice on how to deal with those struggles.”

  • “Personal stories that relate to our lives.”

  • “Always in all ways INTERESTING.”

  • “Not afraid to speak the truth.”

  • “It is practical and has helped me in building spiritual living and building my character.”

  • “I love that it is clear teaching and sharing and most importantly that it is centered on the Word of God and the life of a believer.”

  • “Your blog is very insightful. Having homosexuality in our family, your series on what the Bible says about that was very helpful.”

  • “The variety; ease of reading; gets to the point.”

  • “Relevance, gentle guidance.”

  • “I have found the personal stories to be very inspirational. I have forwarded them to our pastor. It has given me direction in decisions that are scripture based.”

  • “I like sharing it with others: why to believe and why to plant churches.”

  • “Very practical.”

  • “It’s relevant, biblical, practical, challenging.”

Q7 I asked “How can I make my blog better?

26 people responded and most of them simply said things like “Keep doing what you are doing.”

Some other gleanings:

  • “Practical application is probably my favorite thing about the blog. I would say try to make sure you are always giving a practical application.”

  • “I like things that make me think ‘WOW’

  • I have never thought of it that way…I think you do a great job with this and enjoy your blog. (And my 15 years son loves to hear you preach.) Thank you!

  • “Keep it brief, simple and to the point.”

  • “It is already very good. I like it when you explain how you overcame a certain issue or resolved a dilemma.”

  • “Great already! Perhaps more biblical theology with contemporary cultural issues.”“Maybe include more scripture.”

Q8 I asked, “How often do you listen to podcasts?”

  • 55% never

  • 20% monthly

  • 13% several times a week

  • 12% weekly

  • 0% daily

Comments: The comments were interesting. Several reflected a misunderstanding of podcasting. For example:

One person said they don’t own an iPod—the fact is that very few people listen to podcasts on iPods these days.Sorry, what’s a podcast?

Q9 I asked, “What is the biggest challenge that you are facing right now?”

40 people responded to this question:

  • 40% said spiritual growth

  • 18% said Bible knowledge

  • 17% said finances

  • 13% said family issues/conflict

  • 12% said goal setting/achievement

  • 10% said depression

  • 7% said lack of direction

  • 2% said doubts

Q10 I asked, “Could I interview you to learn more of your thoughts?

11 people said yes and gave their contact information. I’m in the process of following up with them now.


A number of people said that they found it challenging to find time to read posts. Something we have done that might help is recording audio versions of my blog, which can be found at the top of each post. So, you can listen on your device (computer, iPad, smartphone or what have you) as long as you have an Internet connection.

Personally I love to listen and learn while I drive, do household chores, exercise and so on. So I hope this helps you.

In addition, I will soon be releasing a podcast on “Christianity Questions and Answers.” The purpose is to answer questions about the Bible and the Christian faith. Please pray with me that it is a blessing to many.

COMMENTS: What are your thoughts about the results of this survey?

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