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Please Talk Back To Me

Usually I talk to you through this blog. But now let’s turn the tables. It’s time for you to talk with me!

In the “Comments” section below, please give your thoughts.  

Here are a few ideas, but feel free to comment on whatever you would like.

What is the biggest challenge you face right now?What are some dreams you have for the future?What other blogs do you enjoy reading and why?Who is your favorite Bible teacher and why?I’m considering starting a podcast on “Christianity Questions and Answers.” What questions do you have about the Bible that I might answer?Do you listen to podcasts? Do you even know what podcasts are?Do you or your church/organization have a blog or website—if so what is the link and what is it about?Do you have any suggestions for my blogs or my website? (topics, photos, additions, etc.)

Sooooooo, now it’s your turn. I’d love to hear from you.

Please leave a comment below this article on my website. (You will have to register with Disqus in order to prevent spam, but it shouldn’t be hard.)

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