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Jesus’ Journey to a Mountain

Are you willing to mentor others like Jesus mentored His disciples?

In Jesus’ Journey to a mountain, we see Jesus spending an extended amount of time in very, focused prayer. He deliberately sought the will of the Father; about who He would train and mentor. Then He invested heavily by spending time with His 12 disciples to equip them to mentor others.

This article is coauthored by Mark Alan Williams and Beth Harris. Beth is a wife, mother, Bible study leader and volunteer writer and editor for

Jesus’ Journey to a mountain teaches us about mentoring others and includes two videos from the Sea of Galilee in Israel.

I (Beth) first completed the Quarter 1, DJJ lessons at home on my own and remember when I came to Journey 4, Jesus’ Journey to a Mountain, I had no idea who I would mentor and take through the lessons. I did not have 12 names to write down and that made me very anxious. However, I did write a prayer to the Lord that I was willing to mentor others with the DJJ lessons if He would give me the opportunity.

Then within a few months I was contacted by the leader of my Bible study who wanted to use the DJJ lessons for our group of 30 - 35 women, and I would be 1 of 3 co-leaders. So each week I had about 8 women at my table that I begin mentoring with the lessons.

God answered my prayer and we completed Quarter 1 and went on to complete the Quarter 2 lessons as well. I am so delighted that my willingness to be available was all that God needed to use me and help me to take a step of faith!


Jesus’ final Great Commission was to “make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:19) You are invited to use the Discipleship Journeys with Jesus materials to make disciples, as Jesus commanded. They’re completely free and easy to access on the internet. Just go to and sign up for the complimentary materials.  

Each study is accompanied by two short videos recorded on location in the lands of the Bible, so you can see where the events happened! The photo above is from the videos of this journey lesson.  

Journey 4 of DJJ, based on Luke 6:12-16 tells us about mentoring others. In this Discipleship Journeys with Jesus study of Jesus’ Journey to a Mountain, we read, reflect on and interact on that passage and the events recorded there. We commit to be willing to mentor others like Jesus mentored His disciples.

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