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Why Do Some Bible Versions Omit Certain Verses?

"Christianity Questions and Answers" podcast CQA 020

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Have you had the experience of reading through a Bible and finding a few (small) sections left out or noted that they don’t appear in the oldest manuscripts? Perhaps you’ve wondered, “Why do some Bible versions omit certain verses?”

Dr. Hal Seed

On this podcast Dr. Hal Seed answers the reason why do some Bible versions omit certain verses.

Hal and I have led a number of question and answer sessions at our church. Hal is the Senior Pastor and I am serving as the Chairman of the Leadership Board. This question is one that has come up and Hal gives a masterful answer in this recording.

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Hal is the Founding and Lead Pastor of New Song Community Church, in Oceanside, CA. New Song is a multi-site church that has seen over 18,000 come to Christ and is one of the Outreach 100 Fastest Growing Churches in America.

Hal’s Pastormentor ministry provides tools and training to grow bigger and better churches. He has authored six books, including The God Questions, and his latest book I Love Sundays. 

Hal and Lori have two grown children and who are working on the next generation of “Seedlings.” Hal’s website is:

To learn about why we can trust the Bible, check out my articles:

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