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Is Christianity Willing To Make Peace With Islam?

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Recently I spoke with Pastor Ken Eze from Africa about the question:  Is Christianity willing to make peace with Islam?

Perhaps you too have wondered if it’s possible for believers to make peace with Islam in light of all of the terrorist attacks.

Here I am with Ken Eze last month when he visited here in California.

Because Ken has worked for years in an area with a large Muslim population, I asked him to answer this question. Is Christianity willing to make peace with Islam?

Ken also provided this biography:

My name is Kenneth Eze. Born 62 years ago. I gave my life to Christ in 1974, three years later in 1977 I was called into full time ministry. I got married in 1981 to the love of my life, Grace. We are blessed with two daughters and two grand children.

Called to serve in Northern Africa, where Islamic challenges have been ongoing for as long as I can remember. Only becoming worse with the passage of time. The Lord has helped us over the years and we have used to plant dozens of churches and daughter churches.

By God’s grace, I am the founder and senior pastor of a church with growing daughter and grand daughter churches across  the area.

Please listen to Ken’s excellent answer to this question. To listen just click the play arrow above.

John Stonestreet wrote recently about forgotten persecuted believers in an article titled “Paris Aftermath, No Quick Fix: Where do We Place Our Trust,”

Yet, as Elie Fares, a Lebanese doctor, wrote on his blog “When my people died, no country bothered to light up its landmarks in the colors of their flag . . . When my people died, they did not send the world into mourning. Their death was but an irrelevant fleck along the international news cycle, something that happens in those parts of the world.”

Speaking of “those parts in the world,” The State Department estimated that, worldwide, 33,000 people were killed in terrorist attacks just in 2014. And it might surprise you to learn that the worst offender isn’t ISIS, but it’s Boko Haram, which like its Arabian counterpart, has declared war on its Christian neighbors.

The center of activity for Boko Haram: northern Africa, where Ken lives.

Please listen carefully to what Ken has to say on this podcast. To listen just click the play arrow above.

Consider this verse as you listen: Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.” (Hebrews 13:3 ESV)

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