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Is Divorce OK With God If Things Aren’t Working?

"Christianity Questions and Answers" podcast CQA 015

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A blog reader from England wrote to explain the challenges of his marriage and then ask: “Is divorce OK with God if things are not working out?” So, is divorce OK with God?

He said it this way:

“…we have realised we have very incompatible characters which have failed to reconcile up to now. Both of us are stressed and we do no know the way forward. We are both born again Christians.

We have both reached a point that we think divorce is an optimal solution for us. However, we also fear this is not allowed in the Bible and yet we find this marriage is not taking us anywhere. We are deteriorating in the spirit instead of growing because of these issues. Kindly advise on this situation.”

I wrote him back as best I could answer. Later I recorded this podcast for others who might be wondering the same thing or help others with this question.

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