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4 Easy Steps To Set Goals And Become Far More Productive

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I love to play basketball. Since the objective of basketball is to put the ball through the hoop, having a hoop to shoot the ball into is essential. Without a hoop to aim for, we would aimlessly throw balls in the air. It’s a ridiculous thought. In basketball, goals are absolutely essential!

CC Image courtesy of Ryan Fung on Flickr

It’s the same way in the game of life. Having goals to shoot for is essential. Without them, life can be aimless.

Studies reveal a sobering truth that 35% of Americans have a written will; yet fewer than 5% have written goals. More people are prepared to die than they are to live!

Goals are our hoops to shoot for in the game of life.        

Here are 4 easy steps to help us set great goals and become far more productive:

1. List Needs and Wants

Needs are problems that must be solved, and wants are problems that you would like to solve. For example: I need food but i want to eat at really nice restaurants.

People who have a hard time with goal-setting can usually think of problems that need to be solved and thereby determine their goals. See my article on this topic HERE.

To maintain life balance, consider and write down needs and wants for each of the following 7 goal areas:

SpiritualFamilyCareerPhysicalFinancialSocialRound-out goals: these round out life with cultural, intellectual, community, ministry, hobby and recreational achievements.

If you have done this step, congratulations, you have taken a huge first step.

2.Prioritize and Determine What You Will Accomplish

Place a star by your highest priority needs or wants in each of these seven categories.

Then decide how many of these wants and needs you are really determined to aim for. Circle these—perhaps 5 to 7 of them.

Congratulations, you now have a set of goals to work toward and trust God for!

3.Check The Integrity of These Goals

Make sure the answer is “yes” to each of the questions below for each goal?:

  • Is it MY goal? (You can’t set other’s goals and likewise you must own your goals.)

  • Is it in agreement with my Core Values?

  • Is it morally right and fair to everyone concerned?

  • Is it consistent with other goals?

  • Can I emotionally commit to finish this goal?

  • Can I “see” myself reaching this goal?

  • Is it God’s will?

If the answer is “no,” to any of these questions, you should replace or modify the goal.

4.Turn Goals Into Faith Affirmations

If you believe your goal is God’s will (the last bullet point above), then your goal is a statement of faith about what God will do through you.

This is a good thing since Hebrews 11:6 says, “Without faith it is impossible to please God.”

So rewrite them into faith affirmations:

  • Turn negatives into positives. For example—not “I will lose 15 pounds” but “I will weigh ______.”Set a specific date for achieving each goal.

  • Add an “ing” to make statements active. For example, “I will be living smoke-free by March 3.

  • ”Include a positive feeling word like “happily,” “joyfully,” etc. For example, “I will be overjoyed to pay off all my consumer debt by _________.”

Goal-setters achieve far more in the game of life—because they have something to shoot at.

Why not use these easy steps today?

Question: What is one of the wonderful goals you trusting God to do through you? You can share below in the comments section.

Please note that your goals may be short-sighted if you don’t also determine:

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