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Global Church Planting Sunday Message Video

Check out the message that I did for Global Church Planting Sunday. This message was given at our home church, New Song Church, Oceanside, CA. The video has an introduction by our Senior Pastor Dr. Hal Seed.

Global Church Planting Sunday, coordinated by DCPI, brings awareness and inspiration to encourage church planting around the world. Each year on the second Sunday in February churches around the world focus on church planting as the most effective way to reach the world for Christ.

Dr. Paul Eshleman of Cru said, “It is the biblical pattern that God uses local churches to help believers grow to maturity in Christ. Today, however, there are at least two million villages and neighborhoods throughout the world where there is no church. We are living in a time of great spiritual harvest. I believe that hundreds of millions of people will come into the Kingdom in the next decade. Global Church Planting Sunday will help us focus our resources toward this critical element of making disciples of all nations.”

To learn more about Global Church Planting Sunday visit the website HERE.

What will you do to further church planting?

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