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Don’t Miss The Joy Of Podcasts!

One of the things I love most about having a smartphone is listening to podcasts with ease and on-the-go. Prior to owning an iPhone I was attempting to listen to podcasts on my Blackberry phone, but it was very cumbersome.

If you see me walking around with earbuds in, it’s almost 100% guaranteed I am listening to a podcast

After getting the iPhone, I got a podcast app called Pocket Casts (also available for Android) which makes podcast listening even easier.

But you don’t have to own a smartphone to listen, you can listen on a computer, iPad or other internet connected device.

If you don’t take advantage of this new medium, I think you are really missing out.

Here are some of the blessings of podcasts:

They multiply productivity.

If I am doing something that also allows me to listen at the same time, I can make my time do double duty.

Some of my favorite times to listen are:

  • While doing routine chores

  • When working out at the gym or walking

  • While doing yard work

  • While driving

  • While waiting for appointments

  • While eating meals by myself

They’re free.

I have never paid for any podcast, yet the content can be outstanding. Wow! (See my next blog for recommendations of great podcasts.)

Limited commercials.

Unlike radio, most podcasts have very little commercial time or other interruptions. I usually don’t listen to the ones that do. If I listen to a podcast with commercials, I use a skip-ahead function that allows me to jump over commercials.

Listening flexibility.

I can listen to radio programs in podcast format (and other podcasts) whenever I want 24/7, not just when they’re on the radio. I can also easily pause and later return and finish a podcast. I can repeat sections I want to review. No more missing broadcasts because I wasn’t available at the right time.

Speed up function.

My Pocket Casts app includes the ability to speed up a podcast without making the speaker sound like the Chipmunks. If a speaker seems slow, or I’m just in a hurry, I can listen two or three times as fast, or anywhere between.

The variety of podcasts.

There’s a tremendous variety of podcasts available. Click here to check out my list of my favorite and most helpful podcasts.

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