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Why You Need A Team

It takes three things to get stuff done: time, energy and money. If you lack one, you have to compensate with more of the other two. If you lack two, you have to compensate with huge amounts of the third. Doing all this necessitates a team.

Generally speaking:

When we’re young, we have time and energy, but little money.When we’re middle-aged, we have money and energy, but little time.When we’re old, we have time and money, but little energy.

How do we get more of these three? Perhaps the best way to secure more of all three is to recruit a team.

Someone has said that TEAM stands for:

T: Time

E: Energy

A: And

M: Money

Obviously time (work hours) and energy come with more workers. Money also follows when we have a productive group of workers. Their time and energy, when well-managed, produce revenue or donations.

Therefore, your team is your greatest resource. Recruiting a great one should be one of your highest priorities in leadership.

When we started to actively recruit a wonderful staff at DCPI, our productivity began to explode. From training a few hundred each year, within a few years we were training over 11,000. That is the power of a team.

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