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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions, and a few other questions people probably should ask:

1. Question: Can I use your blogs in my Bible study group, church newsletter or bulletin?

Answer: That would be great! Please cite the source and link people back to this website so they can access all the resources here.

2. Question: Can I use your eBook in my group?

Answer: Yes. Please ask each participant to get their own copy by going to this page and subscribing: Prayers to Unlock Heaven on Earth (they can unsubscribe at any time).

To sign up easily in the USA they can simply text the word “prayers” to this phone number: 44222

Please let me know if you do use the eBook in your group and let me know how it goes.

3. Question: Can I use your blogs or eBooks in my own blog, website or other online publication?

Answer: You’re welcome to use short quotes up to 50 words as long as you link back to the original source. You may not copy entire posts or eBooks for use anywhere online unless I give written permission beforehand. Generally I’m happy to give permission to syndicators such as ChurchLeaders, which has republished a number of my articles.

4. Question: Can you give me advice on some church or personal issues I’m dealing with?

Answer: Possibly. Please see my Coaching page to learn more.

Also, if you’d like to submit a question for my “Christianity Questions and Answers” podcast, just contact me and I’ll try to get your question answered in an upcoming podcast.

5. Question: Would you be available as a guest speaker for our church or group?

Answer: Quite possibly. Please check my Speaking Page to learn more and check out my availability.

6. Question: Why do you use your middle name?

Answer: Mark Williams is a remarkably common name. There was a Mark A. Williams who went to my small college at the same time as me. Another Mark Williams who works with our ministry was married the exact same day and year as Carolyn and I. I’m also hoping to not be confused with others named Mark Williams who are charged with crimes and going to jail (and can be easily found on the internet).

7. Question: Why are you writing these blogs? Isn’t it a lot of work?

Answer: Yes, it is a lot of work. Two reasons motivate me: to help you and to help me. Someone said, “Thoughts disentangle themselves when they flow through the lips or the finger tips.” Blogging helps me figure things out. The unclear is forced into clarity.

After that, what a joy it is to help others by sharing what I have learned—often the hard way. When I can spare others the heartaches I have experienced and help make the world a better place, it feels wonderful.

Since I’ve been in full-time Christian ministry since 1981, I’ve learned from all kinds of experiences. (You can learn more about my background on my About Page.)

To learn more about why I’m doing this and the power of doing ministry on the internet see this: My 100th Blog Article–Why am I Doing This?

8. Question: You’ve traveled all around the world—what are some of the most interesting places you have visited and where would you like to go back?

Answer: Places I wouldn’t mind visiting again:

  1. Murren, Switzerland

  2. Paris

  3. St. Lucia

  4. Israel (for biblical study purposes)

  5. Turkey (for biblical study purposes)

  6. Italy

  7. Australia

9. Question: I understand that you are a Christian, but what kind of Christian are you—what do you believe?

Answer: I am a Bible-believing follower of Jesus. Carolyn and I are active members of New Song Community Church in Oceanside, CA.

10. Question: I am open to the Christian faith. How can I learn more?

Answer: Click HERE for my webpage to help you become a Christian.

If you still have questions about the Christian faith, click HERE for a great site that will help answer your questions.

11. Question: How can I help your online ministry?

Answer:  Thanks for asking. There are several ways:

  1. Subscribe to my updates and receive my FREE eBook 10 Prayers to Unlock Heaven on Earth 

  2. Share my blogs on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest: just click the link on the share bar at the top or bottom of each blog

  3. Comment on my blogs

  4. Like me on Facebook

  5. Invite me to speak to your group

  6. Donate

  7. Join our Cybersaints email prayer team and pray for us.

Thank you for helping!

12. Question: How’d you get such a pretty wife?

Answer: We were married August 4, 1979—she was young and foolish!


Mark & Carolyn Williams

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