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I’m a speaker, author, and church leader helping people build their lives on practical, biblical insights. Since 1981, I’ve been in full-time ministry starting churches, writing resources and training leaders around the world.


I’ve been honored to travel to over 75 countries and speak on every inhabited continent of the world.


In the fall of 2016 I founded and began full-time with Discipleship Journeys with Jesus (DJJ). The vision of DJJ is to take 100 million people on discipleship journeys with Jesus. We equip people in actionable, biblical wisdom.

For 18 years I served with Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) helping build the ministry from the ground up. I wrote and oversaw resources that are being used to train over 25,000 leaders each year in over 90 countries. These materials have been translated into over 50 languages.

My personal blog, normally published weekly on Sundays, is about “Making Discipleship Doable.” I help people figure out the world and live a dynamic, God-centered life from an interdenominational Christian perspective.

I write about discipleship from the perspectives of spiritual life, family, apologetics, leadership and church planting. Unless otherwise indicated, all articles are my own writing.

My site has been read in over 140 countries.

To learn more about why I do this online ministry see “My 100th Blog Article–Why am I Blogging?

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10 of My Top Most Viewed Articles in Recent Years:

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    2. How Can and Should a Christian Apologize?

    3. 7 Biblical Christian Mantras I Find Helpful

    4. What Scripture Says About Homosexuality: Uncut, Uncensored, and Unedited

    5. Five Keys to Staying Happily Married for 34 Years

    6. I Love Muslims But…

    7. 3 Steps to Overcoming Betrayal and Building Trust Again

    8. Five Questions for Those Who Think Many Roads Lead to Heaven

    9. My Classmate Bart Ehrman’s Hopeless Response to Suffering

    10. How I Made a Killing in Real Estate and You Can Too!

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Some of my personal favorite articles are:

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I have released a number of  podcasts called “Christianity Questions and Answers.” The purpose of the podcasts is to answer people’s questions about the Bible and Christian living such as:

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In 2010 I was honored to be named the

Moody Bible Institute Alumnus of the Year.

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Carolyn and I met at Biola University where she was a nursing major. I grew up in Ohio, and she is a native Californian. We have been happily married since 1979 and have three sons: Gabe, Danny and Ben. (See family photo below.) We live in Vista, California.

Over the years I have also:

  • Served as an intern with author and speaker Josh McDowell, who helped me develop a reasoned approach to faith.

  • Been a Church Planter followed by 10 years as Senior Pastor. During that time we started many daughter and partner churches.

  • Planted a second church for three years. During that time I served as a part-time denominational church planting director.

  • Spoken and trained in countries as diverse as Pakistan, Siberia, Egypt, Peru, The Congo, Australia, Ethiopia, Italy, Nepal, Myanmar, Colombia and others.

My hobbies include playing basketball, singing and writing music, and reading. With Carolyn I love to go hiking, work out at our gym and travel.

Carolyn and I are very involved in New Song Community Church in Oceanside, California.

Some Fascinating Family Members:

I love these stories of some of my fascinating family members and hope you enjoy them also!

My Biography: 

I graduated from Moody Bible InstituteBiola University, and Talbot School of Theology. In 1990 I earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary.

In 2010 I was honored to be named the Moody Bible Institute Alumnus of the Year.


God began to lay on my heart the need for a ministry which would help churches develop fully-devoted disciples around the world. In 2016 we launched Discipleship Journeys with Jesus.


From 1998 to 2016 I served full-time with Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI), helping to build it from the ground up. My last position at DCPI  was Vice President of Global Church Planting Materials


I’m an author of several books which you can see and order HERE.

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