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Do you have questions about the Bible or the Christian faith that you would love to have answered? Are there nagging issues that keep you from going further in faith, or even wanting to follow Jesus? Then welcome to the “Christianity Questions and Answers” podcast.

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The Bible has answers!

The problem is that often people don’t know where to find them or who to trust to help find them. In order to help share answers to people’s questions I have a podcast called “Christianity Questions and Answers.” 

In this podcast my guests and I answer your questions about Jesus, the Bible, the church and anything else about the Christian faith. I commit to giving you the most biblical, reasonable, balanced answer I can. Along with my answers, I interview Bible scholars, pastors, professors and other Christian leaders for their expertise and experiences.

I’d love to answer your questions, if you’ll give me your questions. Instructions on how to submit questions are provided below.

What is a podcast and how do I listen to one?  

If you’re like a lot of people who don’t know or understand what podcasts are, think of them like DVR or TiVo. They’re like on-demand radio programs: 

I hope you will get started listening to podcasts and experience the joy of podcasts!

How can I submit questions?

What questions do you have? There are several options for sending your questions:

  • Email me: mark@markalanwilliams.net
  • Call me: (760) 542-8388
  • Click on “Contact Me” at the top of my website and you’ll find several ways to get in touch.
  • Leave a voice message where it says “Send Voicemail” at the bottom of my website. This works just like an answering machine or leaving a voicemail on a cell phone. Here’s what it looks like:

Examples of some questions answered so far:

  1. Are all sins equal?
  2. Where do dinosaurs fit in the Bible?
  3. Why aren’t my prayers answered?
  4. Where did God come from?
  5. How can I get closer to God?
  6. Will Christians be held accountable?
  7. If Jesus was Jewish, why aren’t we Christians Jewish?
  8. Is it okay to be angry at God?
  9. Would you please explain this dilemma: The closer I am to the Father and the more I serve Him, the harder the devil attacks?
  10. If I commit suicide, will I go to hell?

So what’s your question?

I am excited to answer it on my upcoming podcast “Christianity Questions and Answers.”

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Other audio recordings:

For some time now I have been recording audio versions of my blog articles for those who would prefer to hear them instead of reading them.

To listen to an audio blog, just hit the play button in one of the articles that have been recorded:


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