Dr. Mark Alan Williams

I’m a speaker, author, and church leader helping people build their lives on practical, biblical insights. Since 1981 I’ve been in full-time ministry starting churches, writing resources and training leaders around the world.

I’ve been honored to travel to over 50 countries and speak on every inhabited continent of the world.

In the fall of 2016 I founded and began full-time with Discipleship Journeys with Jesus (DJJ). The vision of DJJ is to take 1/2 million people on Jesus’ discipleship journeys. We equip people in actionable, biblical wisdom.

For 18 years I served with Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) helping build the ministry from the ground up. I wrote and oversaw resources that are being used to train over 20,000 leaders each year in over 90 countries. These materials have been translated into over 30 languages.

My personal blog, normally published weekly on Mondays, is about “Building Your Life on Practical Biblical Insights.” I help people figure out the world and live a dynamic, God-centered life from an interdenominational Christian perspective.

I write about spiritual life, family, apologetics, leadership and church planting. Unless otherwise indicated, all articles are my own writing.

My site has been read in over 140 countries.

To learn more about why I do this online ministry see “My 100th Blog Article–Why am I Blogging?

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Some of my personal favorite articles are:

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Each Thursday I (normaly) release a new episode of my podcast called “Christianity Questions and Answers.” The purpose of the podcast is to answer people’s questions about the Bible and Christian living such as:

My Biography: 

I graduated from Moody Bible Institute, Biola University, and Talbot School of Theology. In 1990 I earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary.

In 2010 I was honored to be named the Moody Bible Institute Alumnus of the Year.


God began to lay on my heart the need for a ministry which would help churches develop fuly-devoted disciples around the world. In 2016 we launched Discipleship Journeys with Jesus.

From 1998 to 2016 I served full-time with Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI), helping to build it from the ground up. My last position at DCPI  was Vice President of Global Church Planting Materials

I’m an author of several books which you can see and order HERE.

Carolyn and I met at Biola University where she was a nursing major. I grew up in Ohio, and she is a native Californian. We have been happily married since 1979 and have three sons: Gabe, Danny and Ben. (See family photo below.) We live in Vista, California.

Over the years I have also:

  • Served as an intern with author and speaker Josh McDowell, who helped me develop a reasoned approach to faith.
  • Been a Church Planter followed by 10 years as Senior Pastor. During that time we started many daughter and partner churches.
  • Planted a second church for three years. During that time I served as a part-time denominational church planting director.
  • Spoken and trained in countries as diverse as Pakistan, Siberia, Egypt, Peru, The Congo, Australia, Ethiopia, Italy, Nepal, Myanmar, Colombia and others.

My hobbies include playing basketball, singing and writing music, and reading. With Carolyn I love to go hiking, work out at our gym and travel.

Carolyn and I are very involved in New Song Community Church in Oceanside, California.


Mark Williams has a proven track record in planting churches and training church planters around the world. I have had him speak and consult at my church to expand our vision of church planting.  But besides all the professional stuff, I’ve known this man closely for years.  He walks his talk. That’s why we continue to support his ministry.”Donald W. Sweeting, Ph.D.
President of Colorado Christian University and former President of Reformed Theological Seminary Orlando, FL

I have known Mark since his student days at Moody Bible Institute. He was a leader there, good student, anxious to know and do Gods will. I have observed his life and ministry over the years since. His leadership at Dynamic Church Plant ministry is outstanding. He is a regular speaker at our resort, appreciated and admired by all who attend and we will continue to use him every year. Mark and his wife Carolyn are wonderful role models of followers of Christ, have a terrific family, and I am proud to call them friends. I recommend them to you without reservation.”

Jim Gwinn
Former President CRISTA Ministries, Seattle, WA and Chaplain OutDoor Resort in Palm Springs, CA

Mark and Carolyn Williams are living proof that it is truly possible to “walk like you talk.” From our first contact with Mark and Carolyn in 2004, our relationships have expanded to an amazing journey for us both. Mark’s belief in our little chapel was the cornerstone that we started to build on. His message is direct and meaningful for every day life. From friend to pastor/speaker, Rancho Chapel is indebted to Mark.Claude Wagner
Rancho California Chapel, Aguanga, CA

Mark Williams is one of the great unsung heroes in the kingdom of God. He is an experienced and effective church planter and pastor. He is also the authority on Mother-daughter church planting. Dr. Dave Earley
Pastor, Author, Professor
Mark Alan Williams is one of the best Christian bloggers, especially on sensitive subjects. Jason Holland
Director of Operations, Joshua Nations
Loving your biblical responses. So much counseling is a chasing after wind, yours offers such a scriptural bridge.Mike Kellogg
former host of Music Thru the Night, Moody Radio network and National Religious Broadcasters Hall of Fame Award winner
I tell my students at Liberty University, “If you are struggling with issues like anger or other emotions, search for an article on Mark Alan Williams’ blog. You will get practical, biblical advice that will really help you.”Christopher Gnanakan, D.Min, Ph.D, D.D .
Professor, Liberty University and Executive Director, OTAN / BTW
I can’t tell you how much I have appreciated your posts on LinkedIn. Many of them have been quite timely and an answer to prayer. Keep up the good work!!!Dave Meyers
President, ZimZam Global

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Meet my Team:

I am blessed with a wonderful team that makes so much more happen! Most of them are volunteers who freely contribute their time and effort to help spread the Word:

  • Beth Harris takes my writings and turns them into blog articles, which is a huge help. She suggests photos in the process. Beth also prepares the beautiful quote cards for posting on social media.
  • Johnnie Achord helps with promotion, booking, design and creative ideas. Johnnie is my former Associate Pastor, and we’ve known each other for about 30 years!
  • Tim Baker of Ministry Craft my web manager, assisted by Emily Brown.
  • Emil Reyes compiles, edits and uploads podcasts. He is a great inspiration in many ways.
  • Pat Burks prepares PowerPoint presentations for my messages. Her husband Steve Burks is a great computer specialist who has helped keep my computers running.
  • Carolyn Williams (beloved wife since 1979) proofreads my writing, offers sage advice on all kinds of issues and is an incredible life partner.
  • Ben Williams (our son) designed the great artwork on my website header.
  • Danny Williams (our son) composed and recorded the awesome podcast theme music for the upcoming Christianity Questions and Answers podcast.
  • Our Email Prayer Team receives prayer updates via email and prays for my ministry and our family. To get these updates please click HERE.


If you are interested in the possibility of having me speak for your church or group, please see my Speaking Page.

Gabe, me, Carolyn, Ben, Danny 2014

Words of Encouragement from Around the World: 

Words can not express fully the joy I have every time I read, or listen to the podcasts you post. May the Lord bless you. JacobJacob Charo
Hi Mark,thank you for your podcasts,most encouraging,i got in touch with you at my lowest point. You see am a Christian,a strong believer who turned to Christ in adversity,it was during my divorce in 1999,which was traumatic cos my husband physically abused me. Jesus put me together,literally,cos my husband divorced me and the 3 boys,we became very poor,but never forsaken,this God that we worship,and the boys grew,even in church. Then on the 24th of June my middle son commited suicide,i never saw that coming. In my most difficult time i neede someone to talk the God i know into my life,you are doing just that and thank you. It is difficult,but i know He will never leave me nor forsake me. Thank You MarkMinah Mokgawa
Pretoria, South Africa
Brother Mark, I am thankful for your life, that really builds me up learn from Christ through your posts and articles. I want to let you know that I’m so grateful for the PDF book Don´t Miss your Life, and the resources that you present in your blog, Thank you very much. I am convinced they are making a big impact to equip the saints around the world. Pastor Julio Arria
Caracas, Venezuela
I’m running out of adjectives to describe how wonderful, fantastic, extraordinary, bright, insightful your messages are to all of us fortunate to be on your mailing list.Kay Leffel
California, USA
Thank you Pastor for the great work you are doing for the Kingdom. Jehovah God bless you mightily. I look forward to getting the new eBook and the prayers. Let me believe God to provide finances that I may support your Ministry. You have been a blessing to me in many ways.Beatrice Salano
Hi Mark, I attended the DCPI church planters training almost ten years ago, and our church, Hope Fellowship, celebrates its ten year birthday in 2015. Thank you for the training – beneficial to me here – and also to the church planting organization I lead in Ghana. Thank you for blessing all of us with training and encouragement.John Latimer
President at Next Generation Ministries International, Ghana
I can’t even put into words how much you and Carolyn have impacted my life, ministered, mentored and helped me to find strength and courage to live. I thank the Lord daily for you both.Beth Harris

Feeling jumpy! Thankfully I out-jumped Carolyn in this particular photo (by a few inches) — otherwise I can only imagine the ridicule from my basketball buddies!


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